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Since KaterArt’s inception, our bakery has grown into a department all its own, allowing us to focus on creating mouth-watering cakes and pastries with aesthetically pleasing presentations, sure to impress even the most finicky and discriminating palates.
Our commitment to fresh and natural foods is consistent throughout our kitchen.  Whether you order a custom-designed wedding or birthday cake, or a dessert “furshet” arrangement, rest assured it will be prepared with your unique specifications and preferences in mind and delivered fresh from our ovens to your tables.

We use only the purest ingredients from scratch – no preservatives, additives or harmful chemicals.  We also avoid using ‘edible’ products that may enhance looks, but do not translate into a great taste. Instead we use the recipes and techniques our founders have experimented with throughout the years of baking and professional training. 

All this, combined with our love and devotion to reaching “baking perfection,” allows us to offer our clients incredibly beautiful AND tasteful cakes, pastries and one-of-a- kind desserts.
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