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Our Story

KaterArt came to life in 2016 with the inspiration of two friends, Hasmik and Siranush, who not only found their passion in creating both delicious and elegant eats, but also recognized that what they could offer was simply missing in both the Rhode Island and Massachusetts markets. While neither of them had previously taken the responsibilities of professional chefs, their expertise in culinary arts goes well beyond the novice. As true culinary enthusiasts for many years, they studied different culinary schools and perfected their techniques.

While growing up in the Armenia, both Hasmik and Siranush were exposed to traditional Armenian, Russian, Georgian, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines. This period significantly influences their cooking today and reflects the many culinary flavors that define KaterArt.

As the girls immersed into the classic culinary arts, they began a quest of self-identification as true chefs.  KaterArt’s distinctive flavor and culinary vision emerges from the countless attempts to improve on what is learned, while melding the classic and the traditional, the old and the new.

In 2016, the girls were ready to bring their talents to the local market. They both left their well-established careers to pursue their dreams in the kitchen, soon to be followed by their husbands – Khosrov and Gary.
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​​Ash Grigorian – Audio and visual effects professional. Ash is the owner of Ian Studios based in New York City. His impressive resume includes audio and visual work for the “Game of the Throne” official party with HBO, Macy’s Parade afterhours official parties, and much more.

Berg Zobian – photographer. Berge is not just another guy with a photo camera. He is a true artist and his photography positively reflects his in-debt understanding of visual art. He is the owner of one of the most prominent galleries in Rhode Island – Gallery Z, and has a long history of promoting local artists

Daniel Ayriyan – photography and video …

Kristina Kayan – Make-up artist…
Hasmik Tatian

Chef Owner
Siranush Hakobyan

Chef Owner
Khosrov Vorperian

Event Management & Partnerships
Gary Grigorian

Client Relation